April Tann, RA
Senior Project Architect


Being flexible allows April to jump in and help whenever there is a need, a valuable trait given the size and diversity of NBA projects. She’s a stickler for following through, ensuring questions and problems get answers and solutions that keep projects moving and clients satisfied.

Communication, adaptability and superb execution are April’s calling cards. She has the ability to bring clarity to ideas, both verbally and visually through design drawings. Currently, she’s involved in a high-rise residential development and a range of student housing projects. April also has gained expertise in accessibility reviews. Understanding the often confusing, opaque and sometimes contradictory code requirements in different states, is critical knowledge she’s able to share with colleagues. She’s part of an award-winning team honored by the American Concrete Institute for The Standard at Atlanta, an off-campus luxury student residence.

April, who brings more than seven years of experience to the firm, has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master of Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology.