becky bradshaw
chief administrative officer


Detail-oriented, Becky could organize a riot but confines her activities to making sure that NBA is a well-run, harmonious organization. She takes enormous satisfaction in having the firm named a “Best Place to Work” by Georgia Trends magazine.

A great sounding board for new ideas, questions or concerns, Becky has a pragmatic business approach that ensures that all departments and areas of the firm under her purview work constructively and in unison. In her administrative role, she navigates all of the rules, regulations and laws that arise in running the firm. Recognized within the firm for her knack of seeing all sides of an issue to come up with clear-headed solutions, she also brings a deep knowledge of real estate development, design and construction as well as an inquisitive mind to every problem.

Becky graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Early Childhood Development / Psychology. She joined NBA in 1984 and is actively involved in setting direction and ensuring that the firm’s vision for the future is implemented. Becky is involved with PSMJ, a resource for architectural, engineering and consulting professionals.