bettie bragg, asid, leed ap


By engaging all stakeholders in the design process, Bettie is able to achieve a consistency in direction and execution. Her solutions-oriented approach and organizational efficiency allow her to derive maximum impact within budget considerations.

Spurred by an enthusiasm for challenges, Bettie directs the interior design team on ongoing projects, coordinating with overall firm and team consultants on concept and aesthetics, interior architecture, situation solutions, and budget and schedule compliance. She is also involved in product development and branding, long-range planning, client relations, new business presentations and the hiring and mentoring of staff.

Bettie received a Bachelor of Science from the University of North Carolina. She has been with the firm since 2000 and featured in numerous publications, among them Textile Industries, Lodging Hospitality, Hospitality Design, and Designer. For her team's conversion of the historic Allerton Hotel in Chicago, Bettie was honored with an American Hotel and Lodging Association design award.