jose ferreira de athayde neto,
aia assoc, leed ga
Senior project Designer


The foundation of Neto’s success comes from being passionate about what he does and confident that he can get the job done. It’s a positive attitude that allows him to prioritize yet still pay attention to the smallest details.

Neto’s holistic approach ensures that the line connecting all the components of a design, from aesthetics to budgeting and construction scheduling, receive thoughtful consideration.

Not only does he work best under pressure, he also excels at getting the team focused on achieving a common goal. He brings solid experience as multi‐disciplinary designer working on projects spanning residential, hospitality, healthcare, educational, commercial, interior design, landscaping, urban planning, graphic designs, and most recently, with religion and institutional buildings. Using social media, Jose stays current with trends in architecture and design.

A native of Brazil, Jose received accreditation from CREA Brazil (Regional Engineering and Architecture Council) and CAU Brazil (Board of Architecture and Urbanism). His family operates a well-known bakery in his hometown, and happily for the NBA staff, Jose counts cake-baking among his value-added skills.