NBA Young Professionals' Forum

Our Young Professionals' Forum (YPF) provides junior staff an opportunity for group learning, collaboration, community involvement and professional development. Events throughout the year typically include site visits to local projects, lunch and learn presentations, round table discussions and social events.

Why Licensure Matters: Once you are licensed you can officially call yourself an Architect. Your license gives clients a confidence in your abilities and skill sets.

What we do to assist you in becoming licensed:

  • Dedicated Architectural Experience Program "AXP" coordinator - NBA schedules orientation sessions for recent graduates to explain the process and identify resources available to help them prepare for the Architectural Registration Exam "ARE".

  • ARE Prep - The firm provides access to an extensive ARE study material collection to aid in exam preparation. Study groups commonly form among ARE candidates within the office to help each other prepare for the exam. Licensed staff regularly provide coaching, reviews, and strategy for successfully taking the Exam.

  • Administrative Support - All information, records and hours are kept for each intern to facilitate the documentation of their activities.

  • Reimbursement - The firm will reimburse 100% of the cost of a passed exam and additional paid time off is also credited for passed exams.

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