Newport News Multi-modal Station
Newport News, Virginia


This “gateway” facility into Newport News will link Amtrak passenger rail and local & intercity bus service in a seamless intermodal hub. Connection to a future light rail station is also being incorporated.  The station Master Plan includes planning for mutually supportive commercial uses as well as expansion of the transit components.  The 30-acre master plan includes 80,000 sf office, 125 key hotel, 9,600 sf of retail, and public open space for passive recreation.  These uses will ultimately support the future Williamsburg/Newport News International Airport’s “Aerotropolis” plan.

The overall project scope includes an off-site Service Facility, layover yard, and track work.  NBA is providing programming, visioning, master planning, transit oriented development, and architectural design.


City of Newport News, Virginia

Scope / Components
- 8,000 sf Amtrak Station and platform
- Bus accommodations for Amtrak Thruway buses, Hampton Roads Transit, intercity bus, and airport shuttles
- Connection to future Light Rail Station
- Service Area including Crew Base, Mechanical, service platform and layover yard preschool-age terrace and water spray area