Nick Hill
project manager


Not only does Nick challenge the status quo in his designs, he’s able to communicate his passion and vision convincingly to clients and colleagues alike. He encourages the team to seek opportunity, not wait for it.

Nick promotes meaningful design that enriches the space and the community a building inhabits. His holistic approach to complex master planning emphasizes that all aspects of a building should flow together in harmony and reflect a unified vision. His success rests on his talent for visually representing designs so presentation materials clearly express the ideas, concepts, scope, and experiences of the project as well as his ability to listen and communicate with clients, contractors and the NBA team to find and implement solutions quickly. He has worked on high-density, mixed-use market rate and student apartments, urban-fill developments, off-campus student housing and transportation centers.

He graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Nick is involved in business development for NBA, is a member of the firm’s design review committee and trains staff in design and 3-D modeling.