Debra milline


Simply put, Debra is an NBA institution. She is the welcoming face when you walk in, the familiar voice when you call. Her disarming humor, consummate graciousness and innate sense of how to treat everyone have become emblematic of the firm’s brand.

Debra has been with NBA for 35 years, and certainly knows the firm—and its­ clients —inside and out. Her strong interpersonal skills, ability to transition between tasks and willingness to learn and assume new duties have made her an indispensible asset. She directs and assists callers, keeps track of employee schedules and client meetings, coordinates conference room availability, and reports to the CEO and President on client visits. If there’s a fire to put out, Debra answers the call.

A respected member of her community, she has organized a social network where neighbors work together to build a stronger, safer and happier neighborhood .