Seabrook Island
Seabrook Island, South Carolina


NBA worked both with the Club and the Property Owners Association to develop a comprehensive strategy for developing a completely new amenity package and branding identity for the island. As the development had matured, it had effectively “outgrown” its original master plan concept.  Our analysis and leadership created a strong consensus for the new plan to help the island transition away from the conventional, destination resort model and to provide updated facilities and programs that cater specifically the needs and desires of a population dominated by full-time residents.  The plan was presented in a series of town hall meetings and was approved by 78% of club members and property owners.

Master Planning
Concept Design
Agency Review / Negotiations

Seabrook Island Club / Seabrook Island Property Owners Association

Scope / Components
- Private Community on Seabrook Island covering 3,000 acres of coastal low country and 2 miles of beach
- Extensive resort amenities including Beach Club and Golf Clubhouse
- Renovations to an existing Equestrian Center and Racquet Club
- New Community Center with indoor and outdoor pool complex
- Design and Development Guidelines