Ralph meacham, aia
senior project manager


Optimism tempered by realism and buoyed by a sense of humor are invaluable assets in this business. Ralph adds those traits to a seriousness of purpose and a broad, encompassing view of architecture that supports client need.

Ralph takes into consider the many aspects of a project and its documentation to ensure that design goals are met consistent with the client's direction, technical and code parameters, and best practices. He looks into areas that require additional study or resolution and guides fellow team members in using available resources to resolve issues. As a pragmatist, he understands budget must be considered early to achieve the best results rather than moving forward on unrealistic plans. His recent work involves off-campus and multifamily housing and he has been involved in several award-winning projects, including Rutgers University student housing in New Jersey and Avalon at the Hingham Shipyards in Massachusetts.

He attended Georgia Institute of Technology, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. His emphasis on the quality of the firm’s documentation contributes to NBA’s solid reputation with influential contractors as well as clients and potential clients.