IIDA Dressed 2018

NBA had a great time participating in Dressed, one of the IIDA Georgia Chapter’s biggest annual events!

Designers have the chance to show off their talents by creating outfits using only materials provided by sponsors. A percentage of the event’s ticket sales are donated to Dress for Success Atlanta.

The 2018 theme was “colour in (e)motion.” Each participating team was given a color and two adjectives to use as inspiration to help bring their garments to life. NBA’s group took on the challenge of creating an “unleashed” and “subversive” pink ensemble made entirely out of tiles, fabric and carpet!

NBA Team.jpg

Shout out to NBA’s all-star team: Erica Morgan, Jose Neto, Krystal Duchene and Kathie Laurent, who was not only a designer but also the chosen model to walk the runway. “I went out and just had fun with it,” said Kathie. “I would encourage anyone interested to participate next year.”


Special thanks to Bentley, Architects Ceramics, and Sunbrella, for being NBA’s team sponsors!

Lauren KowalskiCulture, All