Employee Spotlight: Hon


On April 5th, 2019, after working at NBA for almost 15 years, Landscape Architect Hon swore an Oath of Allegiance to the United States and became an American citizen! “The ceremony was very solemn and dignified,” Hon recalled. “I felt overwhelmed with joy. Not everyone has this opportunity. It was a proud moment to become an American and be a part of history.”

The story of Hon’s American Dream to pursue a career in the United States was published in an article by Universiti of Putra Malaysia, his alma mater, where Hon is featured as 1 of 35 “Prominent Landscape Architecture of Alumni.” The article follows the steps Hon took to get here, and the obstacles he had to overcome. Growing up with a passion for art and design, Hon changed the focus of his degree from chemistry to landscape architecture after his freshman year. From then on, he cultivated his love for the profession, but he also wanted to go where landscape architecture originated—the United States.

Gregg Hudspeth, former Director of Landscape Architecture at NBA, helped make Hon’s dream possible. The two met back in 2004 at ASLA’s annual conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Going into the conference with a “never try, never know” mentality, Hon traveled with his father across the world for this opportunity. Gregg was very impressed by Hon’s portfolio and determination, commenting in the article, “It was truly inspiring to see a new graduate travel so far from home and take a chance on getting a job here.”

Fast forward to today, where Hon and his family have been living in Atlanta for over a decade, and he is still just as humbled and grateful as the day he arrived in the States. In a letter to the company’s Chairman and CEO, Niles Bolton, Hon wrote:

"This wouldn't be possible without you opening the door 15 years ago for a fresh graduate 'literally a kid' from the other side of the world, Malaysia to pursue his dream as a landscape architect in the United States. I wanted to take this moment to share my heartfelt appreciation for the opportunity you have provided and am forever grateful for it. Thank you so much!"

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