Financial Wellness Program

NBA believes it is important for our employees to be able to live financially responsible and provide for their retirement. The intent of of the Financial Wellness Program is to provide education and support to our staff so they can achieve their personal financial goals, pay off debt, and save for a healthy retirement. NBA's Financial Wellness Program has 3 main components:

1. Educate the employee about the steps to be financially responsible.

  • The firm has subscribed to the Smart Dollar Program by Dave Ramsey which is administered by a financial advisor at least once per year.

  • A financial advisor is available to meet with program participants (paid for by NBA) to ensure that staff will be able to integrate the financial lessons learned into their daily life and budget.

2. Consolidate debt and refinance.

  • The SOFI at Work program gives employees the opportunity to refinance and consolidate their student debt so that it will be affordable. This is available for both parents and students with student debt and provides employees with the ability to refinance mortgages.

3. Dedicate the funds to helping our employees pay off their student debt.

  • NBA will make monthly payments directly towards student loans in lieu of a 401K match. Contributions are fully vested after two years and are determined based on annual salary.

Additional Benefits

  • NBA pays 95% of employees’ health insurance premium.

  • 24/7/365 telehealth service is offered to employees and their legal dependents with no co-pay.

  • 401K matching program offers full vesting after only 2 years.

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