Olmsted Chamblee wins at 2018 IIDA Best of the Best

Olmsted: 2018 IIDA Georgia Best of the Best Winner - Live, Best of Multi-family

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The owner desired to create a unique upscale “sense of place” in a progressive urban city in transition that is known for dairies, railroads and military influences. The project aspired to be a cornerstone in the heart of a revitalized industrial area, speaking to Chamblee’s diversity in history and resident mix. The client-driven concept of live-work-play was an integral component for the design team. Keeping with the city’s desire to preserve the historic district, the project provides luxurious modern amenities that are timeless, durable and easily maintainable.


Targeting entrepreneurs, the development aimed to provide a fresh perspective to a predominately transit area lacking space for small business owners.

The concept provides a twist to the typical design of multifamily communities, by offering communal space filled with collected and curated luxury goods. What is soon to become an iconic sign, the bold art piece that adorns the top will serve as a beacon for residents and visitors alike, setting the tone for the entire project. The overall texture of the amenity space will feature an energetic, eclectic, and creative environment appealing to all lifestyles. An easily maintainable concrete floor and linear architectural details on the white ceiling will provide unity and contemporary undercurrent throughout the project. Careful consideration was made to provide accessible and available access to all users as they move through the overall space, from leasing to mail to social and guest zones.


Communal coworking space was designed to provide entrepreneurs outlets where they can express their creative minds.

The design solution was to enhance the architectural envelope with details keeping with the history of Chamblee, using locally-sourced antique furnishings and materials. Curated nodes were created with artfully assembled furnishings from previous design eras, giving the overall space an eclectic and spirited vibe. This unconventional design aesthetic was intended to speak to a young, entrepreneurial resident mix and serve to foster community among the new neighbors. Raw materials and industrial details that reminisce back to old Chamblee reference the railroad and military history, while providing an interesting and lively back drop for resident activities. Coworking spaces that seamlessly flow from interior zones to outdoors offer residents options for gathering and work support. The grand stadium seating, with views to outside through multiple garage doors, holds large audiences offering a unique venue for gaming and social activities. Additional amenities include intimate rentable offices and a makerspace providing first class accommodations for aspiring artists, craftsman and business owners that call the project home.

Kimberly CorentinNews, All