Our Perspective: Renovating late ’80s office buildings

Stephanie Kirkpatrick, Director of Interior Design, writes about the process of repositioning '80s-era office buildings to appeal to today's workforce.

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An excerpt of the full post follows:

Many well-located, well-built, ’80s-era office buildings dot metro Atlanta’s most popular office destinations. With much useful life ahead, these expensively constructed buildings are coming due for updating to reflect the expectations, needs and tastes of Gen Y and Millennial workers. 

The work that the Niles Bolton Associates team did at 3445 Peachtree – formerly known as Two Live Oak – serves as a good case study. At the start, the building lobby contained acres of heavy granite as well as loads of dark, red-toned wood. The ambiance was dark and gloomy. 

Its renovation enhanced the street entrance, starting with a new, head-turning identity. Most of the dark wood, heavy moldings and outmoded detail were removed, resulting in a much brighter, lighter space with clean lines and contemporary ambiance. Great care was exercised to respect the original design, but the update infused it with smartly consistent character that includes accessible, modern features.

As with 3445 Peachtree, the timely renovation of 25- to 30-year-old office properties is an excellent opportunity to refresh prime office space in respectful ways that attract highly desirable tenants at premium rates. Accessible, flexible, efficient functionality enveloped in bright, open, contemporary ambiance extends the appeal of older properties to a 21st century business generation.

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