Gingertown Atlanta 2018

‘Twas the night of December 11th when NBA took a trip to Gingertown, a whimsical town constructed entirely of gingerbread houses. Since 2006, this annual charitable event supporting Covenant House has brought together teams of engineers, architects and designers from around Atlanta in a friendly competition to help bring the town to life.


Each year a masterplan is created for the confectionary city that incorporates community facilities, parks and other open spaces, and pedestrian traffic corridors. Working within the parameters of the masterplan and the building code, each team provides a unique interpretation of the town’s important structures.

This year, the NBA team was a mix of representatives from all three disciplines, including Jessica Bell and Madison Underwood (Interior Design), Meredith Beard (Landscape Architecture) and David Xu (Architecture). When the clock struck six o’clock, each team raced to a table set up with various candy options to use as their building materials. “It was like Black Friday,” Jessica commented. “You definitely had to go over there with a strategy and quickly find what you needed.”

The NBA team with sponsors Leah Bernath and Carrie Richards.

The NBA team with sponsors Leah Bernath and Carrie Richards.

NBA’s group added some “wonkiness” to the town by creating a Willy Wonka themed gingerbread house, complete with a 2nd floor slide, flashing Christmas lights and a snowman on the rooftop wearing Willy’s hat. Luckily, no Oompa Loompas were harmed in the building process.


The team’s wonky masterpiece, along with the other Gingertown buildings, will be displayed in various locations around Atlanta, such as hospitals and other healthcare and community support-related facilities, to promote the holiday spirit of joyfulness and charity.

The firm had a wonderful time in Gingertown and is already brainstorming ideas for next year. Special thanks to Leah Bernath (Humanscale) and Carrie Richards (Kimball) for being NBA’s sponsors!

Lauren KowalskiCulture, All