Niles Bolton University

Niles Bolton University "NBU" is an in-house continuing education program consisting of various types of lectures and presentations. Offering over 100+ AIA accredited classes per year there is plenty of opportunity for growth and learning at NBA. The mission of our NBU program is to help our staff grow professionally and personally and aid all of us into becoming better individuals and team members.

Vendor presentations consist of manufacturers, distributors and consultants that bring AIA accredited programs to educate staff on various components of the construction industry.  Such as engineering services for design and construction materials used on projects.

NBU Roundtables & Sustainability

Roundtables vary in format and are hosted by NBA staff.  In the roundtable discussion, a topic may be presented in an educational format with a slide show or a panel discussion with multiple speakers set in a roundtable format, which provides an open discussion of the topic with all sharing experiences, solutions, and ideas.  The goal is to broaden the knowledge base through open exchange of experience and ideas.

Consultant, vendor and In-house staff hosted sustainability presentations cover current trends, innovations and office standards in sustainable design.  Like the roundtables, these lunchtime meetings consist of presentations, panel discussions and open roundtable conversations.


100 + AIA


Offered Per Year

Risk Management Seminars

"You cannot manage what you do not grasp, knowledge will help you stay ahead of risk." -

Risks can stem from a wide variety of sources and being able to identify, assess and control these threats is essential to the practice of Architecture.

Revit Training

Sessions consist of the education of novices through experienced staff in Revit.  Ranging from the introduction to our office standards through implementation of advance tools and techniques of building modeling.